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We create comfortable furniture for life 

Our work based on 3 principles: natural materials, high durability and modern ergonomics. With love and care we craft each piece of furniture, think about easy and quick assembling to make our furniture last for years and years. 



Quality. Ergonomics. Thought-out process. Designing and manufacturing comfortable and reliable furniture is a process that requires knowledge, attention to details and careful selection of materials. True furniture should lasts for decades.
With our experience and knowledge we design durable, modern and comfortable furniture.


All our furniture is made in Ukraine exclusively out of natural wood and metal. We have two factories - one in Kyiv and one in Lviv region. We use only tested qualitative european accessorises. Solid natural wood and best accessories quarantee that furniture will last. For years. 



How it all began

WOODWERK is a new project of a billiard company Buffalo Group LTD which is on the market since 1993. We started collaboration with Dutch company Joba Leisure BV in 1998. It opened new horizons and new ideas for us. Today Buffalo Group LTD is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a billiard equipment in Ukraine. 


The idea of making a modern wooden furniture in Ukraine came to our mind in 2009. At that time there were no real choice of modern and well-made furniture in Ukrainian market. The "billiard crash" of 2013 in Ukraine helped to kick-start manufacturing. We decided to offer new wooden furniture and took European manufacturers as an example. That’s how WOODWERK's journey began.
There was no "right" recipy. We had our own vision of comfortable and cosy space. And our journey continues with a great enthusiasm, love and inspiration.


We are always improving, listening to advices, learning and moving forward. Our team pulls together in the same direction. We will continue to be "a step ahead" and create comfortable furniture for life


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