• Use furniture only by it’s main purpose

  • Our furniture should be used in rooms with temperature not lower then 10 degrees Celcius with moisture level 40-70%.
  • If you plan to use furniture outside, please consult our sales team additionally.

  • Furniture surface should be maintained dry. If water, wine, fat or coffee happen to get on surface, clean them with moisturizing napkin or rug. You can also use soap solution for cleaning.

  • Do not use for cleaning any abrasives such as: back side of dishwashing sponges, sandpaper, cleaning powders etc. These tools remove protection wax layer and leave stains.
  • Avoid contact of furniture with aggressive substances such as acids and alkalis.
  • Avoid exposure to hot objects with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Celsius, such as frying pans, irons and other hot household items.

  • Do not place furniture under active sunlight. Sun rays lead to a “burnout” of color and overheating of wood, especially in the summer.

  • Do not place furniture in close proximity to batteries or other sources of heat. It is especially harmful to place batteries directly under the countertops and other wooden surfaces. This results in drying of wood and cracking.

  • When using active coloring agents such as markers, pens, paints, the surface should be protected. Remember: inks and paints are not removed with ordinary detergents from the surface. Furniture will require restoration.

  • Do not overload shelves. Distribute the load.

  • Sharp changes in temperature and humidity have a very negative effect on wooden furniture details. The effect of such circumstances may cause drying, excessive moisture, cracking and deformation.

Warning! Take care of the safety of your children!
High and narrow racks should be further fixed to the walls of the room. Especially if there are children in the dwelling. Do not let the children get into the drawers, and on the furniture. It is dangerous!

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