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Frequently Asked Questions
бер 24, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WOODWERK mean? This is a translation from Dutch, means woodwork.

Are you a Dutch company? We are Ukrainian company working for Ukrainian and European market. We work with Netherlands for quite some time, we like their homestyle, that’s why the name is of Dutch origin.

Where do you manufacture your furniture? All the items we produce in Ukraine at our own factories. The main one is in Kyiv, and the smaller one is in Lviv region, Yaseniv town. Both factories have a full producing chain from harvesting the wood to finishing.   

What kind of wood is your furniture made of and is it a 100% solid? We use only solid wood such as ash and oak. Some elements (inner parts of drawers and back of mirrors) are made of veneer.

Why do you use ash and oak wood? Could they crack? Furniture made of natural wood is durable and ecological, and it’s price only increases with time. We buy wood in Ukraine, keep it for a season, then dry in wood dryers which guarantee the quality of items.

Do you offer bespoke sizes of items? Can I customize a product? We do offer bespoke sizes for the items from our collections. For tables and racks we could use your designs if it's technically possible. 

What do you treat your furniture with? We treat wood with wax-based oil, which helps to preserve a natural beauty of the material and let it breathe. Then we use a special finish made in Germany. It contains flaxseed oil, rapeseed wax and fixing element.

Is this finish waterproof? Wood treated with oil-wax improves its natural qualities, acquires a resistance to moisture and dirt. Coffee, wine or juice will not cause any damage.

Does this oil stain my clothes? Within 7 days after finishing oil soaked into the wood and not visible.

How many layers of oil do you apply? Can you make wood darker or lighter? We put oil in two layers: first is for toning the wood, and second is for finishing. Final tone depends on wood color and polishing. After the first applying the oil gives a tone to the wooden surface. Next layer do not influence the color of the wood.

Can your furniture be used outside? Yes, if it’s an outdoor collection. It’s made sturdy enough to withstand variant temperatures, a certain amount of moisture from rain and humidity. But even this type of furniture couldn’t be kept outside for the whole year.

What fittings do you use? We use fittings from German companies Blum and Hafele.  

What kind of metal do you use? We use shaped tubes (round and rectangular), metal strips and corners for furniture. For the outdoor furniture we use steel.

Where do you weld your metal? We have our own welding factory where we weld necessary metal frames and hardware.  

How and when did you start? WOODWERK is a new project of a billiard company Buffalo Group LTD which is on the market since 1993. We started collaboration with Dutch company Joba Leisure BV in 1998. Today Buffalo Group LTD is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a billiard equipment in Ukraine.

How many people are involved in manufacturing? More than 50 people.

How can I pay and what are the stages of work? We take 50% payment at the point of order. Then we produce, deliver and assemble your items. After delivery we take the rest 50%.

Do you have a warranty on your products? We provide 12 months of warranty for all of our furniture. We solve any warranty issues quickly and easy.  

Do you have a return policy? You can return any of our furniture item (from our collections) within 30 days (starting the day after you have received your delivery).

Is there a showroom I can visit? We have a showroom in Kyiv on Boryspilska street 30a. Will open a shop very soon. We also participate in pop-up events through the year. Connect with us on facebook to hear about the next event.

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