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Before & After: First WOODWERK store
тра 11, 2017

Very soon we will open our first WOODWERK store in the center of the city, 11 Dilova Street. We were waiting for it for a long time as our showroom is located very far from the main streets of Kyiv.

Before & After: First WOODWERK store

We are perfectionists and were looking for a perfect place for more than a year. We wanted to find a building in the historical part of the city to show our respect for history, our love for architecture and to display the Dutch style with its simplicity and warmth.

We finally found this place - Dilova street, 11. This is an old building with well-aged architecture.  

To be honest, the initial interior was terrible. Lots of unnecessary details, unpractical designs, walls with incompatible colors.

While disassembling we finally started to see the magical attractiveness of this place - big windows, brick walls, lots of space…

Ремонтні роботи


Of course, we didn’t hide the real beauty of the building, but highlighted it with the help of paints, natural wood and metal. More about the practical side of the renovation will be in our next article.


If you like simple, warm and cosy interiors you would definitely like our WOODWERK store. Looking forward to see you at the opening. Details soon!

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