Wooden media stands

Wooden media stand Ulm 2 drawers - Photo 1Wooden media stand Ulm 2 drawers - Photo 2
Media stand Ulm 2 drawers

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Wooden media stand Blum 2 drawers - Photo 1Wooden media stand Blum 2 drawers - Photo 2
Media stand Blum 2 drawers
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Northern Oak
Wooden media stand Blum 2 doors 2 shelves - Photo 1Wooden media stand Blum 2 doors 2 shelves - Photo 2
Media stand Blum 2 doors 2 shelves
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produced to order in 20 days




Northern Oak
Wooden media stands

Wooden TV stands are necessary furniture in every modern home.

The principle of organizing space in a modern home, as well as its design in terms of design, rests on two "whales". This is a practical and aesthetic component. Moreover, none of them is inferior in importance to the other. First, do not forget that our house is our fortress. In which we want to protect ourselves from the worries and troubles of everyday life, relax and rest. For example, to chat with family or watch your favorite movie. For which, a TV stand will definitely come in handy. In other words, we want to feel as comfortable as possible. And secondly, the surrounding environment is of great importance. Accordingly, everything in the apartment should be stylish, beautiful, and harmonious.

And if we have already talked about wooden TV stands, then it should be considered that they should also be practical, ergonomic, fit perfectly into the interior of the room with their appearance. In principle, those offered by the WOODWERK wooden furniture workshop. Yes, of course, today there are many other materials from which this furniture can be made. However, every day more and more people prefer natural wood. Why - let's find out.

Advantages of choosing a TV stand made of wood.

Fortunately, today there is a lot to choose from. But still, what and why are wooden TV stands so beautiful? Why do more and more people prefer them? Actually, the answer lies on the surface. And these are the advantages that this furniture has over others.

  • First of all, wooden TV stands, like other furniture made of this material, are reliable, practical, and durable. They are bought for years and can serve for decades. Which in turn eliminates the need to spend several times on a similar purchase.
  • They are universal. They fit perfectly into both the interior of the apartment and the office. They will be relevant everywhere. In addition, they will perfectly complement any interior. Especially when it comes to the living room, where we often gather as a family or with friends. Accordingly, this room should not only be comfortable, but also look stylish. And TV stands in this case are not just what is needed, but something that cannot be done without. Therefore, if you want to make the room really cozy, you should take care to make such a purchase. Such furniture is no less important than a sofa or a wooden dining table for the living room.
  • Wooden TV stands have an unsurpassed appearance and impress with their naturalness. In this regard, they will give a big head start to analogues made of chipboard and MDF. And compared to glass, or especially plastic, they look warm, natural, and natural. And this is exactly what is needed to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.
  • Practicality. Have you thought that TV stands can be used for more than just their intended purpose? Moreover, they will be relevant even if the screen is mounted on the wall. In this case, they harmonize the space and make the room more inhabited and cozy. In any case, if we are talking about large enough TV stands, with many shelves, mezzanines, lockers, etc., they can be used for storage. Like a kind of chest of drawers. You can put photo albums, a control panel, joysticks if you have a game console, useful little things, and even children's toys in them. Well, place a vase with flowers, decorative objects, photo frames, etc. on their surface.
  • Environmentality. This is not just a trend, but also a necessity. After all, unlike analogues made of artificial materials, wooden TV stands do not contain masses of glue and varnish, which, especially if it is a question of cheap options, are toxic and can be harmful to human health. And this is very important when it comes not only to us, but also to our loved ones. Especially children.

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to buy a TV stand made of wood. Moreover, our online store presents the most modern, original and stylish models. Well, if you want something special, we are ready to make it to your perfect order. No one will have it again. And exclusivity is something that many of us love and appreciate so much.

What to pay attention to when choosing a TV stand?

The key to any successful purchase is the right choice. What depends on whether we will be dissatisfied with it, or whether our purchase will not just meet, but also exceed all our expectations. However, you still need to know how and be able to do it. Moreover, wooden TV stands are something we don't buy every day. Accordingly, not all of us are savvy in this matter. And in principle, a good thing, made of natural material cannot cost as much as cheap analogues. Therefore, before you buy TV stands, you need to know what main points you should pay attention to first of all, and what criteria to use when choosing this furniture.

The size of the TV stand. How important is it?

You can buy wooden TV stands of any size from us. Or choose your own, individual one. In any case, it must be correctly selected. There is no need to chase too large and solid dimensions, or buy a budget option. Everything must be thought out and optimally selected.

Of course, if the room is small, then the TV stand should not overload it by taking up extra space. And with low ceilings, you should give preference to lower options. Also, as for its height, it should be such that the TV is at a comfortable level for the eyes. Consider this moment. The exception is the case when the screen is hung on the wall, and the wooden TV stand that you can buy in our online store is a laconic addition to it.

Consider the area of the room and the number and dimensions of other furniture. If space allows, TV stands can be located along almost the entire wall, and at the same time look organic. At the same time, so that they occupy a minimum of useful space, they can be made narrower. Due to this, additional space will be freed up and it will be easy to move around the room.

Wood for a TV stand, which one to choose?

There are also nuances here. It all depends on your priorities. For example, if you want to save money, you can buy such furniture made of pine. Cheap and angry. At the same time, you need to understand that this array is quite soft and prone to mechanical damage. Accordingly, such wooden TV stands will not serve you long enough, or will lose their appearance over time.

Alder, beech, or oak is another matter. These types of wood are famous for their strength, hardness and durability. Yes, they cost a little more than softwood, but if you calculate, in the end, such furniture will cost you many times cheaper. After all, it is bought for decades. Smart savings and profitable capital investment. And also, such wood will surely please you with its unsurpassed texture and natural shades, which can vary from light cream to classically dark.

It is worth mentioning the ebony tree, red, mottled oak. Yes, their beauty and strength can be envied. However, it is worth understanding that the price of furniture from these species may seem exorbitant for many.

Color and style of wooden TV stand.

Do not forget that any furniture, including wooden TV stands, is an important interior item in every home or office. Therefore, the style and color in which they are made is of great importance. After all, this largely depends on how well they will fit into the interior of the room and will perfectly complement it, and not dissonate. So, be sure to think about it before making a purchase.

If you have decided to furnish your home in such a relevant today's Scandinavian style, minimalism, modern, etc., then in this case you should pay attention to light colors. Which can vary from almost white to creamy, amber. Well, if it is classic, loft, or Dutch style, then more saturated, natural brown colors will be relevant. A great and original solution would be gray or black oak.

In any case, wooden TV stands should not be bulky and pathetic. First, it has long been out of fashion. And secondly, not everyone can boast of a large apartment or a private house. Elegance, conciseness, and practicality are in trend today. And this applies to almost all interior design styles in a modern interpretation.

And one more important point. If you want to buy a TV stand, pay attention to how many shelves and cabinets it has. Are they open or closed? Are there pull-out drawers or doors that open to the right or to the left. In fact, it is very important. After all, this will help you provide additional space for storing things, and at the same time enjoy the ergonomics of your purchase. For many, this is quite fundamental.

Where to buy TV stands at the best price?

Having decided to buy furniture, including TV stands, especially made of natural wood, we think not only about their appearance, practicality, and functionality, but also about their cost. After all, this factor is of great importance in terms of how profitable our purchase will be. Moreover, even financially secure people know that you can save on everything. At the same time, without prejudice to the quality and relevance of the goods being purchased. WOODWERK shares these values. And not in words, but in action, allowing everyone who wants to use the best and at the same time not overpaying for such pleasure. Namely:

  • All beds, shelves, dressers, tables, wooden TV stands, etc. pass through several quality stages. Starting from the selection of wood and its drying, ending with shipment from the warehouse to the buyer. Which gives you confidence that our furniture will serve you for decades. And we are sure of it. That's why we give a three-year guarantee for all our products.
  • Having decided to buy wooden TV stands from us, you can count on the fact that their delivery to any city of Ukraine by the Nova Poshta company will be free. Hardly anyone else can offer this. Well, we have a contract with this transport company.
  • Our prices will not leave anyone indifferent. There is no question of intermediaries and extra mark-ups. After all, you are buying wooden TV stands directly from the manufacturer, directly from one of our two warehouses.

All this and not only makes cooperation with us more than mutually beneficial. And as a bonus, we offer the manufacture of wooden furniture according to your individual size and layout. So, if you want to buy TV stands, you will hardly find a better supplier than WOODWERK.

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