Our furniture is designed to serve you for many years. However, a natural tree is a natural material that behaves not always predictably. Rare enough, but Sometimes there are unwanted deformations and cracks. Therefore, we provide a guarantee for all our products, so that the purchase for you was pleasant and safe.

General warranty conditions

  • All furniture from WOODWERK is subject to a warranty of three years from the time of purchase.
  • Warranty service includes repairs, replacement of defective parts, or complete replacement of the product, depending on the situation.
  • Deficiencies found during the warranty period due to the fault of the manufacturer are corrected within 30 calendar days from the date of the buyer’s request.
  • All shipping costs associated with fixing defects are borne by the seller.
  • In the case of the purchase of discounted goods with existing deficiencies, claims of these deficiencies will not be accepted.

Cases covered by the warranty

  •  Decomposition or deformation of the structure, cracks on the surface of wooden parts, arising from the fault of the manufacturer.
  • Bonding of paint, or rust on metal parts, is caused by the manufacturer’s fault.
  • Poor work of mechanisms or connections.
  • Unreliable construction or mismatch with declared loading.
  • Improper quality of fabrics or seams.

Cases not covered by warranty

  • Because wood is a unique natural material that has color and texture differences, the manufacturer does not guarantee full compliance of the tone and texture of the product purchased with the available samples in the store. The presence of knots, or the difference in texture, is not a warranty case.
  • Mechanical damage to the surface or structures resulting from a violation of operating conditions. (Scratches, damage, coatings, paint spots, etc.)
  •  Sweating, cracking, surface deformation, and other defects that result from a violation of the operating rules. (Excessive humidity of premises, prolonged action of water or aggressive substances, outdoor furniture operation, sharp changes in temperature and humidity.)

The company reserves the right to refuse warranty service in the following cases

  • Detection of violations of humidity and temperature indices in the operation/storage premises.
  • Accommodation in the immediate vicinity or under the furniture of heating appliances.
  • Identification of changes and additions made by third parties without the consent of the manufacturer that could affect the quality of the product.
  • Detection of packaging damage that proves mechanical damage to the product when transported by the buyer or other transport companies.

Delivery by courier service WOODWERK

  • When delivering and assembling goods through WOODWERK courier service, the buyer, or his agent, must check the completeness of the appearance of the product after being assembled by the Seller’s specialists.
  • If the delivery takes place without the assembly, the buyer, or his representative, must check the integrity of the package and the conformity of the labeling of the goods with the bill of lading.
  • The goods are considered accepted by quantity and quality since the signing of the shipping invoice.
  •  The transfer of liability for the loss or damage of the goods occurs at the time of signing the shipping invoice.
  • Claims regarding the appearance and completeness of products are accepted within three days from the moment of acceptance-transfer of the goods.

Delivery by other courier services

  •  When sending goods through courier services, the goods are considered to be accepted from the moment of signing the courier service shipping document.
  • The transfer of liability for the loss or damage of the goods occurs at the moment of signing the shipping bill of the courier service shipping document.
  • In case of damage to the packaging of goods when receiving from courier service, the buyer must immediately notify the seller of any damage before signing the shipping document.
  • Claims regarding the completeness and quality of the goods delivered by the courier service are accepted within three days from the date of receipt. 


In case of problems, or if you have any questions, please contact us by phone
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