Payment and delivery

Processing and sending

If the product is available

If the product you selected is in stock, we will ship it within three business days. Normally, we keep products in stock unpainted to give you the option of choosing a color.

As soon as we receive your order and payment, we paint and ship the next day. Delivery is fast, so we take the full amount of payment right away.

Delivery time is 3 working days. Full payment at checkout.

We do not ship the product by cash on delivery. If you buy an item that is in stock and something goes wrong, you can return or exchange it within 14 days of receipt.

If the product is "to order"

Not all products should be kept in stock even in an unpainted state. There are products that are customized to your needs and have a wide selection of colors and sizes. We make these by advance order according to your needs in color, size, or other nuances of the configuration.

The production period ranges from 7 to 30 calendar days from the moment of placing the order, depending on the product, and is indicated on the card of each product separately.

To start the order, a prepayment of 50% of the cost is required.

After receiving the advance payment, we place your order to work, always trying to complete it before the agreed deadline. When everything is ready, we inform you and agree on a date of dispatch or delivery.

The remaining payment must be paid before shipping, or at the time of receipt, if our installers deliver.

We must note that the furniture that we make "to order" according to your parameters is not subject to exchange or return.


Delivery by Nova Poshta

We deliver goods to your address free of charge in partnership with Nova Poshta. Since we have two production sites, your order can be sent from the factory in the Lviv region, or from Kyiv.

Nova Poshta couriers deliver furniture to your home, but do not carry it or lift it upstairs. If you buy bulky products, take care of the lifting in advance.

Delivery to your address by Nova Poshta is free. Delivery time is 1-2 days from the moment of dispatch.

All goods sent by Nova Poshta have mega-durable packaging with additional protection of the front sides, so there are almost no problems with damage on the way. If something happens, everything will be replaced. You can not worry.

But upon receipt, we ask you to immediately inspect the packaging for damage. If you notice significant damage, do not be nervous 🙂 and do not accept the goods from the courier, but inform us immediately. We will take care of this.

Delivery by our courier service

If you would like us to come and assemble the goods at your premises, we can do that as well. Amount for this service we calculate when you order. It depends on distance and order volume.

This service is currently available only within Kyiv and the Kyiv's region.


You can pay in any convenient way for you. Either online, using the Liq pay service of Privatbank, or by bank transfer, or by non-cash transfer from a legal entity.

We also offer interest-free rescheduling of up to six payments from Privatbank. You can choose it at checkout.

Shipping abroad

We export our products to various European countries. We can calculate shipment cost to any country. But the cost of such delivery will be significant. If you liked our products and you want to form a complex order or order a certain amount, then it makes sense to consider this option.

Choose what you want you and make order. We will take care of the rest!

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