Wooden furniture care recommendations

Thank you for your interest in our modern aesthetic furniture. Below are some tips on how to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

In general, wooden furniture does not require any special care. It's easily cleaned with a damp cloth from most dirt.


Try not to place wooden furniture too close to heating appliances. High temperatures and dry air can overdry the wood, which can lead to cracking or deformation. However, for this, the furniture must be placed right next to heat source, and the temperature must be really high.

Our company provides a warranty against cracking or deformation regardless of placement. However, this happens quite rarely.

Outside usage

Our wooden furniture is intended for indoor use, unless otherwise specifically stated on the product card. You can use them outside, but under cover, and preferably out of direct sunlight in the summer. However, we do not recommend leaving it outside in wet weather and in winter.

Severe changes in temperature and moisture are badly injected into a tree, but not catastrophically. The appearance of cracks or deformation is possible. All lie down in order, as you put before them. Wooden furniture on the street miraculously look like cracks.

We do not provide a warranty for outdoor use


The surface of the furniture should be kept dry. In case of moisture, fat, wine, coffee or other active substances, wipe the surface with a moisture-absorbing napkin or rag.

Do not use chemical polishes! These are very active substances that spoil both paint and oil coatings.

Adler Austrian Hard Wax Oil, which we use to tone and protect wood, does a great job of protecting the wood. Residues of all household pollutants, such as wine, mayonnaise, oil, coffee or juices, are easily wiped off even over time. But it is better and easier to remove them immediately. For thorough cleaning, you can use soap solutions, as for dishes.

However, do not use abrasives under any circumstances. All cleaning powders, harsh detergents, even the back of a dish sponge will remove the protective layer of the coating and lead to stains.

Do not use abrasives under any circumstances.

What can't be cleaned

Do not allow aggressive chemicals such as acids or alkalis to come onto the surface. Markers, pens, felt-tip pens - do not wash off with ordinary detergents. Furniture will need restoration.

If children are engaged in creativity on the table - it is better to protect the surface 🙂 Scratches from metal or other sharp objects will also remain on the wood, of course.

But know that wood, unlike other materials, is easily restored. The surface covered with wax-oil Adler can be restored even at home. Therefore, you can not worry too much, over time everything can be restored if you want.

Secure to the walls

All chests of drawers and racks that we produce are equipped with wall mounts. If you have small children at home, we strongly recommend you to secure the furniture to the walls. Do not allow children to climb into furniture drawers or on shelves. It is dangerous.

If you open all the drawers in the dresser at the same time, it will fall over. Fix dressers to the walls if you have small children in the house.

Wood is a unique living natural material. Sometimes it behaves capriciously, but over time, wooden furniture only gets better. It does not spoil, but age like fine wine. Wooden furniture is very difficult to spoil, which is why all antique furniture is made of wood.

Good quality wooden furniture is an investment for many years.

If you still have any questions left, please feel free to contact us in any convenient way. We are always happy to help!

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