Return conditions

  • When you buy any standard furniture from us, you can return it within 14 calendar days.

  • Only fully-completed goods without damage are accepted for return.

  • Returns and exchanges are not possible to pillows, blankets and bed linen (covers for mattresses) in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine March 19, 1994. No. 172
  • The customer is not entitled to give up the good quality product, which has individually determined properties (including non-standard, at the request of the Customer, size, color, etc.).

Return ways

  • You can return yourself at our warehouse address in Kyiv (Boryspilska Str. 30A), or at the warehouses of our partners.

  • Use the transport services of our service team. The service is paid additionally and costs 400 uah within Kyiv city line, or outside the city according to the formula:
    400 uah + 20 uah for each 1 km from city line (one way).

    Descent from the floor provided free of charge, if all goods can be transported by elevator. If the lift does not work or the package does not fit into the lift, descend off the floor is paid additionally:
    – Total weight up to 80 kg – 50 uah / floor
    – Total weight from 80 to 150 kg – 100 uah / floor
    – Total weight is over 150 kg – calculated individually.

  • To return from other cities, you can use courier service “Nova Poshta” according to its tariffs.


  • Refunds are made after returning goods to company warehouse in the same way as payment for goods.

  • After returning the goods to the warehouse, we check integrity and damage absence. 

  • If you have used the services of our courier service, we check goods at your place.

  • The company is not responsible for the quality of packaging and damage that may occur in the process of reverse shipping by the customer or third parties.

  • In the event of damage to the product, we estimate the cost of goods restoration, and agree this cost with you. The cost of restoration is deducted from the amount of the refund.  

  • If damage to the goods is not subject to restoration, then such goods are not subject to return.


For more information please contact us by phone number
+380 98 777 6767
or email

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