We provide a warranty for all our products - three years from delivery.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and possible cracks or deformations of the products.

We never avoid fulfilling warranty obligations, because your satisfaction with products and cooperation is our main goal!

All WOODWERK furniture is made of natural wood, which is alive, sometimes unpredictable material. The appearance of cracks or deformation is possible, although in our practice they are extremely rare.

Therefore, in all such cases, we provide a guarantee for the replacement of parts or the whole product. We resolve all nuances with you individually, if warranty cases happen.

Transportation costs arising in the process are paid at our expense.

Our furniture is made of natural wood in a rustic design. So, the presence of filled knots or small filled cracks is not a defect.

The warranty does not extend to the protective covering of furniture exposed to direct influence during operation.

Mechanical scratches or stains that may occur over time during use are not warranty cases. However, we help with the restoration of our furniture if necessary. If such a need arises, please contact us.

In order for your satisfaction from the purchase to be maximum and long-lasting, and the use long and safe, we ask you to read the recommendations for wooden furniture care in a separate section of our website.

If you have any questions, please contact us in any convenient way. We are always happy to help!

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